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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to empower and encourage parents and caregivers along their journey, including but not limited to:

Speech, Language & Executive Function Therapy

We provide engaging and motivating evaluation and therapy services for patients located anywhere in the states of Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. We offer in-person services for Jacksonville and surrounding areas, as well as, teletherapy to meet the needs of all our clients. 

Concierge Services

We provide an exclusive concierge service allowing us to provide therapy in the most natural environment for our clients. When we deliver speech therapy in a natural environment, children are more comfortable and confident in the session. Speech therapy in a child’s natural environment provides an opportunity for us to incorporate your child’s favorite toys into our structured learning activities.  When we visit your child’s natural setting, we are able to gain a greater insight into what it is like for your child day to day.  This helps us better understand when communication breakdowns occur.

Consulting & Advocacy

Accessing school-based intervention via an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can be a daunting task. Our experiences enable us to work collaboratively with school teams to design practical and effective interventions for students with complex learning needs.

In-Home & School-Based
Therapy Services

We go the extra mile to partner with parents and schools as a preferred provider. By allowing children to learn and practice skills in their natural environments, we typically see rapid and lasting progress. An additional travel fee will be added for in-home and school-based services.

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